If you are capable of paying Amani Birth Fee and very dedicated in building a career in helping mother by teaching and giving doula service, you are in right place.

  1. This is an interest form. We’ll contact you soon
  2. We’ll start once we reach 10 persons confirmed their participation by paying

Details of Amani Program:https://amanibirth.com/training-program-overview/

Program requirement:

  1. Discounted Training fee by Amani Birth for Matritto participants: 300 USD (in 6 installments) or 225 USD in one shot payment (Regular fee 3,000 USD)
  2. Dedication and passion for helping pregnant mothers
  3. No medical background is necessary
  • মাতৃত্ব আপনাকে কোন ফী চার্জ করবেনা,
  • আপনি শুধু আমানিবার্থের ফী পরিশোধ করবেন।